Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for taking the time to read though our FAQ’s.

Hopefully we can answer as many of your questions as possible.

1. Our rates:

10 Month contracts

All properties except noted elsewhere 74 Aberdeen and 31 St Swithins
Cash Fundi (NSFAS) Cash Only
Single Room R3800.00 NA R3650.00
Sharing Room R3400.00 NSFAS Rate R3250.00
1.1 No Deposit.
1.1.1 Spend a minimum of 10 months with us during 2020;
1.1.2 Ensure all payments are made promptly every month and you have no outstanding amounts when you move out;
1.1.3 Ensure there is no damage to your room or any damage has been paid for;
1.1.4 Have no more than one conduct warning issued to you;
1.1.5 And we will give you R1000.00 at the end of your stay with us!!!
1.1.6 Payment of Rental (Cash) or Premium (NSFAS & Fundi) required to secure room within 2 days of contract signing or before moving; Whichever occurs first.
1.2 The special above is subject to change.

2. How do I secure my space at KiSS Properties:

2.1.First of all please read through our sample contract and membership rules.
2.2.After reading though the above please arrange to view the properties with our area managers( Call, SMS or what’s app). They will be happy to show you all available rooms and tell you about the properties.
      2.2.1.Wiseman Zulu for our Doornfontein property.
      2.2.2.Justin Ncube for our Auckland Park, Westdene and Melville properties


3.Moving out:

3.1.Please send us an email letting us know when you will be moving out and the banking details of the account you would like your deposit refunded to.
3.2.If your contact has not expired but you still need to move out. We will still need a months’ notice!  IE if you need to move out on the 1st of April you need to let us know by no later than the 1st of March.
3.3. On the day you want to leave one of the managers will do an inspection of your room and collect your keys. Please make sure the room is clean and all furniture is accounted for. 
3.4.Within 7 days of moving out your deposit will be refunded to your account.


If you need some more information drop us an email at
and we will be happy to help you.